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Chanel 641 Tenderly Nail Polish

When I first saw the promo photos for Chanel's Spring 2015 Collection Rêverie Parisienne I immediately fell in love with a number of items, but by the time the products actually arrived to our counters I've had a lot of time to read the reviews and lower my wish list to two items only. For Spring Chanel released three new nail polishes: Chanel Le Vernis 641 - Tenderly, 643 - Desirio and 645 - Paradiso. Out of the three I only picked up Tenderly.

Chanel Le Vernis 641 - Tenderly is a soft violet/purple taupe with a cream finish. It is a very wearable color but when I first applied it I was a bit unsure if it is suitable as a spring color. It turns out that I like it more each time I apply it! It's the only polish I've been wearing since I got it about a months ago and I feel like it would be a perfect muted color for the fall as well. 
I'm a huge fan of Chanel Nail polishes and I feel like this one has an even better and smoother formula. The brush for Chanel polishes is pretty thin so applying them can be a task sometimes, but this one doesn't dry too fast, so you have enough time to cover the nail with polish. The first coat is semi sheer, so it needs two coats for an opaque look. I used Essie's All in One Base as a base coat and it seems to work great with Chanel polishes. I usually get 5 days of wear with Chanel polishes if I apply a top coat (usually also from Essie).

The other item I wanted to pick up from the spring collection was the Chanel Jardin de Chanel Blush Camelia Rose but the sales assistant at the store (Maximarket in Ljubljana) was very unattending so I decided not to buy it. I shop there quite often and this wasn't the first time I was disappointed with their customer service so I really doubt I'll ever buy anything from them in the near future. Things like this and snobby shop assistants who only want to serve old grandmas really piss me off. #rantover

Have you picked up anything from Chanel's spring collection? I've seen some photos from their summer collection and O-M-G, the nail polishes looked like they could be amazing again!

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  1. This is so gorgeous I am definitely a dark color lover when it comes to nail polishes :)