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Essence Long Lasting Lipliners (02, 05 & 06) + Mac Soar Dupe

Lately I've been really getting into lipliners and it's very convenient that Essence just released a whole range of new Long Lasting Lipliners in 9 different shades. I'm still searching for a lipliner that would match my lips perfectly (I ordered Charlotte Tilbury's Pillow Talk last week) but in the mean time I decided to try 3 shades from Essence: 02 - Sweetheart, 05 - Lovely Frappuccino and 06 - A Girl's Dream.

Let me start with stating the fact that I haven't been a huge fan of Essence products in the past, but the products I've tried in the last couple of months seem to have improved in their quality significantly. Too often in the past I came across a drugstore lip liner that had a very dry texture and was nearly impossible to use combined with my dry lips.
The formula on these is supposed to be long lasting. The texture is creamy and the pencils are automatic so they don't require a sharpener. The tip is tapered which makes the application precise. These are very pigmented and you can achieve a bold look or apply the liner softy and blend it out and it will work as a stain. Once applied to the lips they can still accentuate fine lines so I recommend using a scrub and some lip balm to prep before application. All the colors I picked up can also be worn solo, with some added lip balm on top, or a nude shade of lipstick. 
As I was swatching these and taking photos I realized that Lovely Frappuccino looked very familiar to another lip liner I own - the highly coveted Soar from Mac. If I compare the formula, Essence liner is smoother and creamier and also feels more comfortable on my lips.
Mac Soar is a deeper shade and has a bit more red-ish brown undertone. The difference on the lips is barely noticeable between the two, and if you apply the Essence liner in two layers you get an even closer color match. When you also add the price difference (around 18 € for Mac lipliner vs. less than 2 € for Essence lipliners) I think you can easily pass on the Soar lipliner and get the Lovely Frappucino from Essence if you're into getting the Kylie Jenner lip. Essence also released a bunch of new nude lipstick shades but there were only testers still left when I checked at the store.
 Swatches on lips:

For the price you can't really go wrong with these so I recommend checking these out at your local drugstore that sells Essence products.

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