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Bare Minerals Mineral Veil vs. ELF Mineral Booster

Back in December I ordered a couple of ELF products and as soon as I started using the ELF Mineral Booster in Sheer I noticed how similar it was to one of my favourite setting powders from bareMinerals (Mineral Veil). Once applied to the skin they both leave a very similar finish - somewhere between matte and dewy and make my skin look somewhat normal even if I’m having a bad skin day week.
Both products come in a plastic packaging with a black cap and transparent bottom. The first difference is obviously the size - with bareMinerals you get 9 g of product (for £20.00) while ELF contains 17,85 g (for £7.95). Once you unwind the top there’s another major difference that could somewhat explain the price difference. The ELF powder doesn’t have any other closing than the cap so the loose powder can quickly get all over the place if you’re not too careful with it, while the BareMinerals comes with a lockable sifter and would also be more convenient to travel with, because even if the black cap would somehow come loose the powder would still stay inside. ELF Mineral Booster is Made in China while bareMinerals Mineral Veil is Made in USA. 
Another difference is the product itself. They are both slightly tinted pink but they both apply transparent on my skin. The Mineral Veil is more finely milled and I need a bit less product than I do when I use ELF Mineral booster. This one also has tiny bits of shimmer inside, but it’s not noticeable once applied to the skin. They don't provide any coverage, but work great at locking foundation/concealer into the skin and evening out the skin tone.
When I wear these my skin gets oily after about 6 hours, when I have to blot and then stays slightly dewy for another 5-6 hours, before it gets noticeable oily again (but by that time I usually remove my make up already). I’ve worn both over foundation or just concealer and they always add a beautiful finish to the skin. They are suitable for sensitive skin and didn’t break me out.

Wearing: The Balm Balm Shelter Tinted Moisturizer in Lighter than Light, Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Vanilla & Mineral powder.

I love using both products and although I’ve repurchased the Mineral Veil several times already, I currently prefer using the Mineral Booster. Because of the price difference choosing ELF Mineral Booster over Mineral Veil could seem obvious, and I think you can even consider it a dupe.

Both mineral powders come in several versions. ELF products are available at their website, bareMinerals products are available at FeelUnique, Sephora, etc. 

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