četrtek, 22. januar 2015

Le Rouge Culte de Chanel (Rouge N'19, Rouge Flamboyant, Laque Rouge)

While we're still waiting for the Spring Collection Rȇverie Parisienne to land at Chanel counters in Slovenia it's a perfect opportunity that I finally feature a post about the Le Rouge Culte de Chanel collection of rereleased cult red nail polishes from the 80's.

I've expressed my love for Chanel nail polishes multiple times already and each of their new releases usually features at least one shade I want (*need*) to add to my collection. When I first saw these three shades were being rereleased I thought about only adding two, but when I stopped by the counter I just ended up picking all three. In my opinion no one does a red nail polish like Chanel so I felt these belonged in my collection and since each one is different enough, it was easy to justify getting all three.
The first shade 19 - Rouge N'19 is from 1987 and is the shade I at first contemplated getting. It is a pink red with a blue undertone and very fine shimmer that is mostly noticeable only in the daylight. It has a smooth formula and needs two coats for an opaque finish.
The second shade is 38 - Rouge Flamboyant from 1980. This is a very classic true red. It has a smooth consistency and needs two coats for a perfect finish. This is among one of the most perfect classic reds that should be a part of everyone's collection. If you can only get one shade from this collection you can't go wrong with this one!
The last shade Chanel decided to rerelease is the 71 - Laque Rouge from 1981. This is a deeper red with a slight plummy undertone and a glossy finish. It also needs two coats. I already wore it here.
Last time I checked these were still available at local Chanel counters and I highly recommend you have a look if you happen to be passing by. They are also still available online at Boots.

V Sloveniji naprodaj v Maxiju na oddelku kozmetike, v Nami in prodajalnah Muller.

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  1. All three are just gorgeous! I especially like the Rouge Flamboyant, the name just couldn't describe it any better :)

  2. Beautiful nail polishes! I love Laque Rouge

    Made in Mauve

  3. Beautiful shades! My favourite is 71!

  4. OMG these nail polishes are amazing :)

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    little taste of heaven

  5. Perfect picks. You can't beat a Chanel red. I adore their Rouge Noir as well.

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  6. Those reds! I love them all, but I like the middle one the best!

    Tiff | AMtoPM