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Diptyque Résine Candle Review

Each year Diptyque releases a number of different candles, including limited edition ones for the Holiday season. I've seen numerous different Diptyque candles on tables of different (beauty) bloggers and was always intrigued by how simple and beautiful the glass itself was. Last fall I bought my first candle from them (Santal) and since I loved the scent so much I decided to try another one in December from their Holiday collection.

This past Holiday collection consisted of three candles - Épice, Résine and Hiver. The artwork is different from their usual candles and is simply gorgeous! I picked up the Résine candle and the jar has a frosted ombre print that fades from white to dark mossy green and is then printed with touches of metallic gold. The box looks like an abstract watercolor painting done in the same shade of green with golden accents, like the candle. All three scents are available in the standard (190g) and mini sizes (70g), although they are slightly more expensive than their regular candles.
Depending on the time of year my taste for scents can differ greatly and I absolutely fell in love with the Résine (Resin) candle I picked up. It smells like the bark and needles of a pine tree. It has a pale green wax and includes notes of eucalyptus, making it a calming and refreshing green scent. The candle has a pretty strong scent which easily fills the room or the entire floor/apartment not long after it's been lit. I've been burning it for about three weeks now and I'm not halfway done yet, so I might even be able to save some of it for next winter Holidays. In any case I intend to recycle the glass and use it as a brush holder. 
The candles from the Holiday collection are still available from Space NK - Épice, Résine and Hiver.

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  1. The design on this candle is so cool! I got one of their normal ones for Christmas but now it seems a bit boring in comparison...

    Alabaster & Onyx