ponedeljek, 22. december 2014

OPI The Bearest Of Them All

I got so excited when I spotted this Holiday gift set on line back in November I immediately had to order it. I finally tried it on last week and I fell even more in love. How cute is the polar bear that comes with the polish? You can even hang it on your Christmas tree!
OPI and Coca Cola teamed up again to create this Holiday gift set. The Bearest Of Them All is a full sized polish/top coat (15 ml) and contains a mix of white hearts swirling in a blizzard of red and white glitter. It can be worn alone, but I prefer wearing it over a deep red polish. Because of the hearts this will also be perfect for Valentine's Day (if you're into celebrating that).

The glitter in the polish isn't too dense and it's easy to apply. I used one coat on the swatches below. When you're applying it the brush mainly only catches the glitter parts, but you'll have to do some maneuvering to also get the hearts out of the bottle. Once you're done you should also apply another layer of your usual top coat, or the hearts will easily get stuck to hair or pull on fiber on your clothes.
Wearing: Chanel Le Vernis in the shade 71 - Laque Rouge (from the recently re-released 80's collection of three shades - I'll be publishing a post about that soon) and one coat of OPI The Bearest Of Them All.

If it's not too late yet, this would make a great stocking gift for any nail polish lover for the Holidays.

I was also thinking about posting a round up of favourite 'Holiday' polishes, but since December is basically over already I think I'll be skipping that (Unless anyone really wants to see it).

Available at BeautyBay or ASOS.

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  1. Chanel je prekrasen! In tudi kombinacija obeh. <3

  2. Hvala! Z rdečimi odtenki Chanelovih lakov skoraj ne moreš falit :)

  3. Iii, fuul kljut lakec in medvedek. <3