sreda, 10. december 2014

Chanel Fall Nail Polishes (625 - Secret, 631 - Orage)

I remember exactly when I purchased my first Chanel nail polish. It was the shade 461 - Blue Satin (a beautiful dark navy with micro shimmer) as a special treat. I repeated that a couple of more times and since then this has grown into a bad habit. I look forward to their releases about 4 or 5 times each year and get excited every time I see a fun color when I don't already have something too similar. It's a fact that Chanel makes the best red polishes, but I've been collecting their coveted shades, unless they are bright pinks, because I can't seem to imagine myself ever wearing them.
I find that Chanel's formula works great for me. When I use a top/base coat (or both) they last between 5 to 6 days, without chipping. I've recently tried a polish from Dior and it chipped on the second day with base and top coats, so I was really disappointed.
For the fall collection, Chanel released 3 new shades and I decided to get two of them (I didn't like the 629 Atmosphere, so I didn't get it). I've been searching for a perfect peachy/beige-nude shade that would work well with my pale skin tone, and I find that 625 - Secret is perfect! It needs two, or better yet, three thin coats, because it has a thin consistency. You have to be careful when applying, because it can look streaky.
631 - Orage is a dark navy. There is shimmer visible in the bottle, but it doesn't really transfer well onto the nails. The polish is opaque after two coats, and can look almost black in some lightning. It has a similar thin consistency like the 625 Secret, so you'll also have to be pretty careful when applying it. I forgot to snap a photo when I was wearing it, but I'll try to snap one in the following days and post it to my Instagram account.

Do you have any favourite Chanel polishes or any other recommendations for other brands? (I really like Essie polishes as well). You can still get these online at Selfridges or Boots.

V Sloveniji naprodaj v Maxiju na oddelku kozmetike, v Nami in prodajalnah Muller.

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  1. This peachy-nude polish looks great on you. I personally like Quartz by Chanel which is a really unique bronze colour. I find OPI polishes are great and last well on me. At the drugstore, Maybelline SuperStay and Rimmel Salon Pro have incredible formulas for the price.