četrtek, 30. januar 2014

Oakland/San Francisco

A few shots from different parts of Oakland and San Francisco.. As you could notice in my previous post as well, Oakland has a lot of street art going on - mainly graffiti, which looks pretty impressive sometimes.

torek, 28. januar 2014

Mama's Royal Cafe, Oakland

I was looking for an 'authentic' diner that served the 'best pancakes' in town and someone recommended I go to the 'Mama's Royal Cafe' in Oakland. This was the first time I had real american pancakes and let me say that they delivered and my tummy was very happy.

nedelja, 26. januar 2014

More of San Francisco

As soon you're on a decent hill you get a magnificent view of the area.

When you're in San Francisco it's a great idea to take a few hours off whatever you were planning on doing and just go walk around. You get rewarded with beautiful view of the place whenever you get on a hill or near the coast. The City is very walkable or bike-able, just make sure your bike doesn't get stolen (like mine did).

petek, 24. januar 2014

Cruisin' the streets of San Francisco

My hostess' cute pet.

Downtown.. I can't believe how fascinated I get every time I see palm trees (even in some warmer places at home).

 The famous Lombard Street.

sreda, 22. januar 2014

Random: Berkeley Cemetery

You know how in movies cemeteries always look so simple with only white crosses on their graves? Well, apparently they also have 'regular' cemeteries here. I was on a quest to find two gravestones from two pretty important musicians from the Bay Area, but no one knew where exactly I should be looking for them, so I let go of that idea - I hope I will have more luck finding them next time.

ponedeljek, 20. januar 2014

Fisherman's Wharf

Fisherman's Wharf is one of the most touristy parts of San Francisco and since it's right next to the boarding spot for the ferry to Alcatraz Island I had to make a short stop.

Gotta get me some candy:

Chowder.. Apparently a must-eat specialty from San Francisco:

View from the Coit Tower:

It was time to get a new pair of sneakers, don't you agree?

četrtek, 16. januar 2014

Alcatraz Island

One of the most famous sites in San Francisco, well on a near-by island, is the Alcatraz prison.

I enjoyed visiting it a lot and would definitely recommend it to anyone. It takes a short boat ride from San Francisco and then you can stay on the island for as long as you want - they have different activities planned throughout the day so you can easily spent at least 3 hours there. It's especially nice  to visit in nice weather, because there's a beautiful view of San Francisco and the Golden Gate.