četrtek, 14. marec 2013

Goodbye USA

This past two weeks went by so fast, it's unbelievable.
I've been very bad about updating my blog lately but hopefully that will soon change.
When I was visiting San Francisco and the Bay Area in general I met some people and saw a lot of struggle for many others in the city streets, which made me think about some of my actions in the past a little. I mean, I don't think I'll change just because I've been there but I think I'll start appreciating some other things besides just consumerism, that has become my latest obsession and way of life.
Still, this was one of the best experiences I've ever had and I hope I'll be able to repeat it as soon as possible again, because I've met some of the nicest people ever and I miss the area, the nice sunny Californian weather and of course them, already.

sreda, 06. marec 2013

San Francisco, baby

So, yeah.. I've been in California for a few days now. After a terrible beginning from the canceled flight to my luggage getting lost I think I can finally say that things have been looking better at the moment. At the moment I'm staying in the East Bay, more exactly in one part of Oakland that might seem and feel a bit scary. I was walking home about half an hour ago (around 9 p.m.) and there was literally no one on the streets, so if anything bad happened there would be no one to help. That's why I decided to only go around this part by day or in the early evenings so I don't get too scared.
Pics and more reports to follow :)