nedelja, 27. januar 2013

Acne & Balenciaga Pre-fall 2013

Here we go - on with some of my favourite Pre-fall 2013 collections before the fashion weeks start again. A few weeks ago I already posted a few of my favorite looks from Alexander Wang, but now it's time for Acne & Balenciaga.

Acne - one of my favorite boots are from them (the Pistol boots) and their RTW is also pretty impressive in some collections. They have a chic aesthetic with loose lines that work perfectly on the streets. 

Balenciaga - this is the first collection under the supervision of Alexander Wang, but these are not actually his designs yet. Still, the collection has a Balenciaga-fell to it, especially the coats. But I actually can't wait for the Fall/winter shows so the world can finally see if Alexander will be a worthy & decent replacement for Nicolas Ghesquière (I strongly believe that he will).


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  1. Hi Babe! You are just my kind of girl! I love Isabel M, the Kings of Leon, and Alexander McQueen! The new sandals are exquisite!!

    -Lauren at adorn la femme

  2. I wish I was as skinny as the model! These are some nice fashion!