četrtek, 31. januar 2013

Ugly Kid Joe in Vienna

Another concert-themed post :)

I've been dreaming about seeing Ugly Kid Joe since forever but they were broken up until last year, when they decided it was about time to get back together, make some new music and play some gigs. They announced a few European dates and one of them seemed close enough - June 20th in Szene, Vienna in Austria.

Vienna is actually not that close, but it's a great city, because they host so many great concerts so we decided it was about time to visit it again. We went with a train from Ljubljana and this time I didn't forget the tickets for the train or the concert so that was the first good thing that happened that day. After the concert we stayed for the night and went back home the next day with the last train. Besides seeing UKJ for the first (and hopefully not last) time this was also the first time I used the Couchsurfing site which is very useful for when traveling on a budget and when you're trying to get to know some locals.

The outside of the concert club and the tour bus.

They had like a little garden outside which was very nice, because clubs can get really hot in the summer. So there were already quite a few people and I see someone familiar and I say: 'Isn't that Whit, the singer?' and my friend is like: 'What? No!'. But he was and I was brave enough to go to him and he signed my ticket and was kind enough to pose for a photo with me. <3

The concert was insane.. The place was filled and I was soaking wet after it.

 Signed ticket: 


I hope they come around this summer again..

There will be another post about the next day we spent in Vienna tomorrow, so check back.

sreda, 30. januar 2013

Céline and Stella McCartney Pre-fall 2013

Céline had a basic and simple collection with details that get your attention, like straw hats and their crafted handbags that have created a craze among handbag and fashion lovers. Phoebe Philo knows what she's doing.

Stella McCartney is also staying true to her traditional tailoring and going over-sized with coats for pre-fall collection.

Photos: Style.com

torek, 29. januar 2013

Burberry Pre-fall 2013

Burberry is a classic British brand who are known by their trench-coats and lately have been getting much more recognition even with the younger fashion crowds thanks to their playful and somewhat daring redesigns.
Pre-fall collection is 'easier on the eyes' and makes much more sense than the metallic tend they tried to incorporate in their designs and is more on the safe side like, similar to the last years fall collection that was truly to die for beautiful and cute.

Photos: Style.com

ponedeljek, 28. januar 2013

Bottega Veneta Pre-fall 2013

I was amazed by their spring/summer 2013 collection and I fell in love with their pre-fall presentation as well. There's also another beautiful thing with the Bottega Veneta - Freja is back in action and is the face for their spring/summer campaign. L.O.V.E. <3

Photos: Style.com

nedelja, 27. januar 2013

Acne & Balenciaga Pre-fall 2013

Here we go - on with some of my favourite Pre-fall 2013 collections before the fashion weeks start again. A few weeks ago I already posted a few of my favorite looks from Alexander Wang, but now it's time for Acne & Balenciaga.

Acne - one of my favorite boots are from them (the Pistol boots) and their RTW is also pretty impressive in some collections. They have a chic aesthetic with loose lines that work perfectly on the streets. 

Balenciaga - this is the first collection under the supervision of Alexander Wang, but these are not actually his designs yet. Still, the collection has a Balenciaga-fell to it, especially the coats. But I actually can't wait for the Fall/winter shows so the world can finally see if Alexander will be a worthy & decent replacement for Nicolas Ghesquière (I strongly believe that he will).

Photos: Style.com

petek, 25. januar 2013

New in: Isabel Marant Merry Sandals

Another post about Isabel Marant :).
Last summer sale on Net-a-porter I bought the Isabel Marant leather Merry Sandals (among some other things) and they were one of my favorite pieces I wore all summer. You can't beat such a nice design on sale so I can say that this was a really good purchase. Her designs for sandals for this spring/summer season are not really my cup of tea (strange heel and too many studs), so I'll just be hunting for some Étoile pieces of clothing; and about footwear - I have my eye on a pair of Chloé sandals that should join my closet pretty soon, if everything goes as planned.

torek, 22. januar 2013

New in: Alexander McQueen silk scarf

Finally had the guts to order my first Alexander McQueen silk scarf last spring. I got it in black with bourdeaux skulls. I was expecting it to be less see through and not so thin, because silk scarfs can be made in many different ways. I didn't see one in person before getting it, but I love it now.
I bought it from the official Alexander McQueen webstore and firstly fell in love with the very nice backaging they wrapped it in.
Hopefully it will get a bit warmer soon, so I can start wearing it again and have a reason to buy another.

nedelja, 20. januar 2013

Čari lesa

This exhibition called 'Wood wonders' was taking place last year in the city hall in Ljubljana. It showed some interesting products but their main concern was to warn about the downfall of Slovenian furniture manufacturing industry and the consequences of over cutting the forests for the environment. If you're interested here's a link to an article about it, but it's only in Slovenian language.