petek, 20. december 2013

New in: Alexander McQueen & McQ

I've been a little naughty again and did some shopping at the Alexander McQueen website.

Black leather wrap Alexander McQueen bracelet with flowery studs and a skull pendant. 

A beautiful McQ wool-blend scarf with a lace pattern print.. Perfect for fall & warm enough for winter too.

četrtek, 12. december 2013

New in: Alexander Wang Diego Bucket Bag

Sorry for the lack of posting (again!), but I was really busy with life in general so I took some time off. I recently went a little crazy again and got myself a new bag - the Alexander Wang Diego in black pebbled leather with rose gold hardware, which really stands out. I actually got it from Ebay, but the bag arrived looking almost as good as new. There are many fakes out there, so make sure you check for the bag's authenticity, before you decide to purchase any used bags.

Diego is a really cool bag, but it also has some issues that bother me, for example when it's empty it's already pretty heavy, but when filled up it can get a bit tiresome wearing it on your shoulder for a long time. The strap can be manually extended or shortened so it can also be worn crossbody. One of the things that also bother me about it is the fact that taking things from it while it hangs on your shoulder is almost impossible, so you have to take it off and then try to find what you were trying to reach in this black-hole. Despite some of this issues I still like my Diego a lot and mostly wear it in the summer with cool casual outfits.
I've also been playing with the idea of adding another 'bucket bag' style bag to my collection. I really like the one by Mansur Gavriel in black leather with red interior (currently sold out at NAP), but if you wish to get the Alexander Wang Diego, you can find them here, here and here.

petek, 15. november 2013

New in: Proenza Schouler PS1

You've already seen me wear this bag, but I haven't posted an 'official' reveal yet, so here it comes. I've been following the PurseBlog for a while now and I really like their feature called 'Purseonals' where they feature different bags and rate their functionality vs. price & durability, etc., so I thought I would do something similar with this post.

1. Design: 
PS1 has a very nice design and looks like a casual 'school bag'. It's actually named after a school district in New York (if I remember correctly). This was actually the first designer bag that I fell in love with because of how casual and cool it looked and I have to admit that I still love it as much as I first laid my eyes on it. I went with a classic black color in large size, because I wanted a big bag that could handle a lot of daily wear and black leather is perfect for this. It has a lot of pockets which come in handy for people who want to have an organized bag and always know where something is inside it. Since the design is so simple it can also be worn by men - maybe it was even designed with that in mind? Once it gets worn it loses it structure and the bottom becomes more slouchy. Every season they come up with a lot of different color and leather/suede combinations so there's plenty of different options to choose from.

2. Usability and functionality:
After I got it I didn't stop using it daily for at least two months. It met my expectations and all the extra pockets are very helpful in organizing. It fits my 13'' MacBook Air and A4 documents as well as other things I might need throughout the day. The shoulder strap could be a bit thicker/wider so it would be more comfortable to carry on the shoulder, which is the way I usually carry it. When it's empty it's not too heavy, but when filled it can get a bit hard to carry around all day, since the large really can fit a lot. In fact, I used it as my carry-on bag when I was travelling to San Francisco/The Bay Area in USA earlier this year and it carried all my essentials and more. I was also using it travelling there everyday and no complaints about it - I like the fact that it's not too flashy, since the logos aren't very visible and the design is very casual so people who might want to rob you don't do it :P.

3. Overall quality:
I've been reading terrible reviews about this bags not being well constructed, but mine has been holding up really well. I simply love it's smooth and soft leather, which after a year of regular wear doesn't have any scratches or other signs of wear. As mentioned above my only complaint would be about the thin shoulder strap since the large model can fit a lot which caused my strap to stretch a little, but nothing worrisome. The black closing clasp also has a few scratches, but overall the bag is still in a really good condition.

4. Value and final verdict:
I've been putting off buying this bag because I just couldn't come to terms with it's price, especially when you read all the terrible reviews, but I'm glad to say that the bag has turned out to be well worth it's price, because the leather is top quality and the bag has definitely become a signifier of a generation and has been around for about 5 years now, and is still going strong. After one year I'm still very much loving it and already thinking about at least another one - a dark red Pouch and/or Medium in Midnight.

** For the Fall 2013 season the boys have changed the design a little so the dust bag, inside lining and some other smaller details are different than pictured here.

You can get your own PS1 at Selfridges.

nedelja, 13. oktober 2013

Isabel Marant X H&M

To finish off this Isabel Marant themed week I can't go past posting about one of the most amazing collaborations in a while - Isabel Marant and H&M!
I was very excited when I first heard the news about this, because Isabel Marant's clothing tends to be pretty expensive and the best pieces from her collections rarely manage to go on sale. This collab will offer a lot of her statement and well known pieces and I'm happy that they didn't decide to also make a 'copy' of her best selling wedge sneakers (mostly because I own a real pair, that is). Customers will be able to buy everything from boots, leather pants, cardigans, basic t-shirts, oversized coats and her statement skirts and jackets. She even made a collection for men and the pieces from there will probably also end up in women's closets.
Below you can find a few items (& possible outfits) that will probably end up in my closet and I really can't wait to see the items in person and shop 'till I drop on November 14th.

[Photos:, Polyvore]

torek, 08. oktober 2013

Isabel Marant Resort 2014

I've been absent for longer than I should have been, but now I'm finally back with a post about Isabel Marant's collection for Resort or Pre-spring 2014.
The photos have been released about two months ago and in between her collection for spring/summer 2014 and collaboration with H&M were both released.
Below you can find my picks of favourite looks for the pre-spring collection and make sure you check back in the following days, because this week is going to be Isabel Marant themed all the way.

Isabel Marant always makes tomboyish designs, which paired with heels and other details like prints and female cuts look effortlessly chic. Kudos to her for making another perfect collection.

[Photos: Refinery29]

ponedeljek, 26. avgust 2013

New in: Giuseppe Zanotti boots

I ordered this beautiful and classic black leather boots from Giuseppe Zanotti and was hesitant about keeping them at first, because they seemed similar to my Acne Pistols, but now when I think about them they are a completely different kind of a boot that can be worn for more formal occasions too.

sobota, 03. avgust 2013

Other souvenirs from Paris

Besides shopping at Balenciaga & Acne Studios stores while I was in Paris I also bought some 'classical' Parisian souvenirs. You might notice I have a thing for mugs, since I bought two on this trip. Another two classics are macaroons - delicious little sweet treats, and a visit to Fragonard - a very old French parfumery.

sreda, 31. julij 2013

Acne Studios

Besides doing damage at the Balenciaga shop at Galeries Lafayette I also stopped at the Acne Boutique in Paris. It's location is actually a bit hard to find, but it's next to the Stella McCartney store.

 I bought the Acne 'Lina' sweater in bright blue with some purple undertones. It's made of wool and very warm, so not appropriate for other times than in winter.

The next purchase is kind of obvious if you visit an Acne store - the 'Pistol' boots. I wanted to get the ones with contrasting brown soles, but they didn't have them in stock, so I bought the all-black version.

nedelja, 28. julij 2013

Balenciaga City

As promised in my last post, it's time for a first reveal from my shopping expedition in Paris. I was on a mission to buy a new everyday bag and was toying with some ideas in my head and I decided to buy a Balenciaga City at Galeries Lafayette (which is almost like a handbag heaven!).

I went with a 'classic' black color with regular hardware. The bag is perfect for everyday and looks so cool and chic. I've been wearing it a lot since I've bought it, so I definitely don't regret it one bit, and it still looks as new, except for the worn-in squishy look.

nedelja, 21. julij 2013

Last day in Paris

The poppy carpet at the hotel.

Yummy lunch after a lot of shopping - check back in the following days to see some reveals ;).

Terminator detail.

 The best chocolate soufflé I've had in my life.

 Oh, and look what was hiding behind the corner close to the restaurant - Christian Louboutin Store. Off course I had to go inside, but unfortunately couldn't find the shoes I was looking for, and there also wasn't enough time left to go to his other boutiques in Paris, so my dream pair of Loubi shoes are still on my wish list.