torek, 07. avgust 2012

Tate Modern - Yayoi Kusama & gift shop

Yayoi Kusama is known for her dotted art and her latest collaboration was working with Louis Vuitton where they created some truly amazing and inspiring pieces.

Two gifts from the gift shop I really liked but didn't end up buying:

sobota, 04. avgust 2012

Borough Market - Rabot Estate

I, unfortunately, left empty-handed, and I still regret it.. Chocolate with pistachio must be great, I think. Well, I guess we'll see about that next time when I'm around London. :)

petek, 03. avgust 2012

Borough Market - Burnt Sugar

At the Borough Market you can find this lovely Burnt Sugar fudge and chocolate products. I was immediately drawn in by the cute and quirky colorful packages and when I tasted some different bits I knew some of these are coming home with me. They also offer a smart option to make your own mix - you fill a bag with whatever different flavors you like and pay by the final weight. Most of them were delicious but I think the chocolate fudge & milk chocolate raspberry fudge were exceptionally tasty.

More info here.

sreda, 01. avgust 2012

Borough Market

One of my first stops on the first day in London was the Borough Market located at Southwark Street, SE1 1TL, in the Southwark and Bankside part of the city of London.

There I saw many colorful and beautiful dishes from vegetables, sweet-baked goods to meat. You can find more info about it here, and I highly recommend a visit if you are around that part (There are Shakespeare's Globe, Tate Modern, Southwark Cathedral and London Dungeon attractions in that area).

I was quite impressed by some of the stands you can see below.

This one is actually not a part of the market, but it's really close so I joined it in.

Passage to the healthier side of the Market :P

Everything looks so yummy!! (Except for the flowers :D)