sreda, 30. maj 2012


Another post with photos of my lovely Mulberry's Bayswater handbag in black textured leather.

It's made from calf leather which is thick and durable, so if I put too much things in it, it can get a little heavy to carry but I love, love, love it <3. It was my first designer handbag and I can tell you it won't be my last, because buying designer bags can become something like an addiction which can't be cured.

I spend a lot of my time on fashion websites like Net-a-porter, but my favorite blog dedicated only to handbags is Purseblog, where ladies who create it have exquisite taste and know everything (new) that's going around in the handbag business.

It was also the site where I found the information regarding this bag because they are very helpful with their tips and advices, so it's a site that is definitely worth checking out.

It comes with a lovely dust bag, and after almost a year, it still has an amazing leathery smell.

You can buy one yourself here or here, but it's also worth checking out all other amazing colors and also different styles of all lovely Mulberry handbags.

Also, you can find some more pictures in my older posts about my Bayswater that I bought in London.

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