četrtek, 25. avgust 2016

August Favourites

I'm posting this month's monthly favourites a couple days earlier than usually, because I took the photos last week already. I've also packed some of the mentioned products with me on my trip, so they're products I truly like to use.

ponedeljek, 22. avgust 2016

Sephora & US drugstore wishlist

For today's post I compiled a quite extensive wishlist of products I hope to haul in the next couple of months from Sephora and US Drugstores. I won't get into too much detail of each product, I might just mention which ones I would like to get first.

četrtek, 18. avgust 2016

Long Haul Flight Essentials

For today I have prepared a roundup of essential products for long haul flights. I scheduled this the night before I leave for on an exciting journey, but more about the destination later. I remember flying long haul for the first time four years ago and I didn't think about taking any additional care for my skin, so I payed the consequences for a couple days after landing. This time I've tried to think ahead and select a range of tested products I can rely on.