petek, 19. december 2014

Mac & The Body Shop Haul from Vienna

A couple of weeks ago I went to Vienna and since both MAC and The Body Shop stores were right next to our hotel I just had to make a stop at both and pick up a couple of items.

sreda, 17. december 2014

New in #1 / Haul

These past couple of weeks have been pretty bad for my wallet with all the holidays and gift buying. With all the offers I of course had to get a couple of things for myself as well and will be sharing some of the products that arrived so far in this post. There will be another post on Friday where I will share my purchases from my trip to Vienna, where I stopped at Mac & The Body Shop, so make sure you come back for that as well.

petek, 12. december 2014

Holiday DIY Idea with Washi Tape

Stepping away from beauty for this post, even though I've been bad this week and got more than a couple of new products I'll be sharing once they arrive. I hate it that the majority of the make up brands simply forget about our (small) market and either take forever to feature new products or they don't even do that. This is the main reason why I prefer on-line shopping, which has it's perks and disadvantages, but I won't be getting into that here. 
Today I wanted to share a super simple DIY project where you'll turn your basic tea-lights into holiday mode and make them a nice decoration for the upcoming holiday season.
 You will need:
-tea-lights (small candles)
-washi tape with holiday print
(-matches to light the candles after you're done)
I've recently ordered a bunch of washi tape online from Ebay and was really excited to use it here. You can generally buy it from any hobby stores, or even book stores.
The process is very simple: take a tea-light and tape the washi tape all around, until the edges meet, then cut off the rest of the tape and you're done. Transforming a bunch of candles shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes and you'll be left with a simple and festive decoration. I used scented tea-lights (vanilla and baked cookie) to make it seem like holidays are here already. 
Let me know if you'll be trying this out or have any other simple ideas where washi tape can be used.